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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

To be righteous, we do not merely have to fight for what is right... No, verily, to be righteous, we should not fight at all - we must accept our lot and even love our enemies! Is such a philosophy compatible at all with the highly competitive world out there today - the so-called "real world" - the cold cruel world... hmm? HMM? Probably not - but such is the criterion of excellence in the field of righteousness and "genuine goodness" set by the very best humankind has ever offered; Jesus, son of Joseph. Jesus was, of cours, more than a man. However, over the years, so many men and women have followed His Example - proving that such an impossible thing to do can be accomplished by mere mortals such as petty us! The likes of Francis of Assisi, Claire of Assisi, Simeon the Stylite, Augustine, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II... all either declared saints or bound to be real soon. The layman and laywoman can also be found to be a more than worthy example - Che Guevara was quoted saying these more than wonderful words: "the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." - and, indeed, these words ring not just true... but they ring like the Truth!

All of these exemplary men and women - and there are so many more, whom no one has ever heard of - are verily what true Spiritual Warriors are all about. Not merely fighting off their own personal demons and everyday temptations - but making a difference in their entourage. For, verily, to me, Spiritual Warriors are Spiritual Survivors - whose awareness and vigilance are just a tad more elevated than the norm.
One has to be aware of the source of any affliction in order to cure it - and Spiritual Warfare is much akin to a chess game than actual warfare - a game of chess with dark influences that we must overcome. Being aware of their very existence is a huge step forward towards accomplishing just that. And once that is done - one's duty is clear; one must share such erudition with the highest number of receptive souls possible. Jesus was a Teacher - he wanted the children to come to Him. And what are we all - from the smallest one of us to the tallest, brightest and most powerful among us - what are we but children still - in the Eyes of the Lord.

I will expound further on this and other philosophical as religious matters in a companion blog - a sister blog to both TLB Prime and *Luminous Praising of the Divine* (lest it should be called a... brother blog?) titled... *THE TRUTH* (what else...?). Blessings!


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