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Friday, December 19, 2008

Of The Number THREE...

They say that death comes in THREES.
Here are other things that come threes as well:

Three uncertainties in your life are dreams, success and fate.

Three gems of your life are love, self-esteem and true friends.

Three irrevocable things in your life are time, word and change.

(That triad courtesy of D'Jai.)

Three certainties of life: pain, death and taxes
(not in that order - obviously.)

Three gifts of life: joy, bliss and serenity.

Three Ways to attain Bliss: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

And one has to praise, give thanks and worship (three things - again) such an Omnipotent Creator Who Is A Trinity and One True God, all at once. AMEN!

He Who Created the Heavens, the Earth, the Seas (three!)

He Who Made it so that man, woman and child (three!) make up the nucleus that procreates and furthers the human race.

He Who Gave us the nature to inhabit, the air to breathe and the water to satiate ourselves.

He Who Blesses, Elevates and Empowers His faithful -
as surely as He Castigates, Crushes and Decimates the evil ones.






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