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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On Sorrow And Loss...

Look in the comments section soon for a full-fledged sermon on that topic - as I am, now, an expert in that field...




At 1:57 PM, Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

Excerpt of a text, semi-sermon on the subject of bereavement (more excerpts may follow...)

When can we find peace in such dire times as these: when a loved one has died, and there is no apparent reason to believe that he or she will ever be seen again. You may want to get closer, in the hopes of seeing a sign, no matter how infinitesimal as it may be, a verifiable tiny little bit of evidence that the loved one may have left behind - evidence that he will indeed be back in your life, one day. But all you will find, up close, is rigor mortis and a very empty shell.

I don't know if you've ever gotten that close to a deceased person: we all have had a grandparent, some kin of different degree of closeness, an acquaintance even, who passed away in our entourage and whose funeral we have had to attend. Did you get close to the body, laying there before you in that casket? It is so cold and so very... stiff. If you touch one of those hands, usually resting upon the deceased's belly, you will find hard as steel - and immovable. How can we even think that life will be animating such a body again, one day, when it is in such a state now - and we know very well that it will start decomposing the moment we leave it to rest, six feet under. That is for those who did not express the wish to have their mortal remains turned into cinder, either during the funeral itself or after. Some are even incinerated beforehand so that you only have a tiny urn full of their ashes during the proceedings - and so you look at all there is left of that person and it all seems so... final.

How can you believe that such a person will be standing before you again, one day?

First you can believe it - because of the very evidence itself; the body having become, so obviously, an empty shell devoid of that vital force that animated it. That vital force was the soul of that person; the soul is a form of energy and science, though blind and unable to ''prove'' anything of this, has proven one thing regarding all forms of energy in the known universe - none of it simply ceases to be. Energy is dispersed, but it does not evaporate into nothingness. In other words, the soul moves on - and it lives on.

Second, you can believe in this due to the vastness of the known universe itself - and the even greater vastness of the unknown universe. That vital energy, that lifeforce, the soul of that person has so many other planes of existence to which it will naturally be drawn, once its mortal shell has freed him or her from the duty of animating it...!

Third, and most important of all - you can believe it all, of course - because He Said so. That portion of God's Soul That became man, walked among us and created a path for reconciliation between Him and all of us: Jesus, The Christ. The Way. The Life... Eternal.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

The preceding excerpt (and all of those that may follow - of course) are written, trademark and copyright Luciano A. Pimèntel

All Rights Reserved


Thank you.



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