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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Mission



Picture life as a movie production - an assignment - a mission you have been given.
The task to accomplish has a limited timeframe in which to accomplish it - we know it, yet we are free to not dwell too much on that fact while we set out to complete the task at hand.

Movie productions in Hollywood are subjected to many changes though - that has been true since the very beginning of cinema... Many rewrites come along the way, each leaving their mark on the final product. Along the way, hence, your own life's movie will be prone to go through the rewriting process that might alter the overall film ultimately: those who might provoke these rewrites will be family members, peers, acquaintances, friends, business contacts and so many other influences like these, good and bad alike. In the end, He Who Has the final say is not anyone of us but the movie's Producer - the Creator of this project and this project's Mission - and that is God, evidently.

All we have to do is focus; and by focus I mean not upon our lot in all this. It isn't even on the Mission we have been given that our focus should be, even though a caring concern for a meticulous job should always be present, it goes without specifying. No, brethren, all we have to do is focus on Him - and everything else will come together. Everything.

(To be continued...)



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