luminous praising of the divine: A Luminous Sermon - Prelude

Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Luminous Sermon - Prelude

In these days, these Last Days, there will be many called - and few chosen. There will be many feeling the urge to come back to the Lord; but few will do so. There will be many summoned to His Presence - few to stay with Him and even fewer to be anointed. 

In these Last Days, there will be many who will be called pastors; servants of God. But what will be their lot? And what shall befall their brethren?  For many will fall into temptation and become enamoured of their ministry rather than their Lord - forgetting, in the process, that theirs is to glorify God and not themselves, lead others to Him and forget oneself, praise The Lord Almighty and seek no such thing for one's own person. 

In the Last Days, therefore, there will rise many false prophets - so it has been written, and so it shall be.  The Church is already divided; and we know that divided, we fall.  United, as all of Christianity should be, we can give just praises to our Lord, God Creator; but we are not destined to be so, for it has been prophesied, too, that in those very same Last Days, few will be found that have kept His Word, His Way, His Commandments.  Few will be found, when the Son of Man Returns, that have kept the Faith - and that is whether there is such a thing as a ''rapture'' or not; and we shall discuss that on another day, in another sermon that is being prepared specifically about that topic.

In the Last DAYS, my brothers, my sisters - we are ALL called to be His agents on this Earth: as the Day grows ever nearer, we are ALL to be evangelists, pastors, shepherds because we are ALL servants of the One True God!  

We are all the light of this world - because we are all aiming to partake of His Light!  He Dispatches us, as so many bastions of His Truth, and our mission is clear: warn our brothers and sisters who toil in the darkness that there is a way out - His Way. The Way!  The Way that ends all suffering, The Way that ends all sin; The Way that triumphs over death.  And each and everyone of us who has ever been toiling in these pitfalls - and we've ALL been subjected to pain, to our sinful nature taking over at times against our better judgment, to every sort of waywardness that leads to the second death - we need to reconcile ourselves with the Light and to propagate it too!  For we were sent for a reason: and that reason is Life.  God Wants us all to access Eternal Life, in His Light, forever and ever!  But to achieve that, we must prove ourselves worthy of His Path; prove ourselves to be following His Way, in our daily lives as well as His Emissaries. Serving Him means so much more than merely singing in Church and attending a preaching: we must also preach ourselves, every day, by our actions and words. Be a living witness of His Message and His Grace - because we are ALL... His appointed servants.

Copyright 2013 - Luciano Pimèntel 



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